Baner reklamowy z maszynami budowlanymi na lawecie niskopodwoziowej i nazwą usługi

Transport of agricultural machinery, transport of construction machinery, oversized transport, transport of military vehicles.
The specialty of our company is the oversized transport under which we carry out e.g. transportation of construction machines, industrial equipment, large installation elements, construction components and other objects of considerable dimensions. Such goods reach dimensions that take up the entire loading area of the vehicle, which requires adequate access to all procedures. Since we have the necessary resources for this purpose, we can invite everyone who is looking for professional support in the transportation of cargo in Silesia and other regions of Poland to cooperate.
What is bulk transport?
Although the law lacks a definition of the term „oversized cargo”, items with maximum dimensions are considered to be transported of this type:
2.5 meters wide,
length 16.5 m (for a semi-trailer) or 18.5 m (for a trailer),
4 meters tall,
Weight 42 tons.

Transport niskopodwoziowy - wymiary lawety
Wymiaru zestawu

We provide the service of transporting low loaders throughout Europe and beyond.
If you would like to know the price for transporting your machine, write me an e-mail, sms, whatsapp, call me, or write here in the form on the website.
tel.: +48 601655252

Red Ball Express

Having problems loading the machine onto the platform? We will help you with that! We can also take good care of older machines.

Our transport base is here:
St. Mochnackiego 12, 41-800 Zabrze, POLAND (20 km from Katowice, 100 km west from Krakow)

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